Trainings in Syktyvkar and Pskov

  • Posted on: 20 September 2019
  • By: eegyn

Within the framework of the project “Exploiting the potentialities of CSOs and LAs for development of holistic prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among girls and women in lagging regions of Russia” training-seminars were held in the Komi Republic and the Pskov region.

The raining-seminars "Effective approaches to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among women and to support dependent women”  were conducted by Leena Harake, General Manager of the Women's Organizations Committee on Alcohol and Drugs (Stockholm, Sweden). And Britt Fredenman, Head of the Bellanet International Network on September 09 - 10, 2019, in Syktyvkar (conference hall of the Avalon Hotel) and September 12-13, 2019 in Pskov (conference hall of the Old Estate Hotel & SPA). The seminars examined the main approaches and features of gender-specific prevention of alcohol and drug addiction, presented the experience of the WOCAD in building a multilateral partnership to develop comprehensive prevention of alcohol and drug abuse among girls and women. Britt Fredenman shared the experience of the Bellanet network, discussed methods of group work with girls for prevention of addictions, and presented some methods of work. Leena Harake presented innovative approaches to primary prevention - prevention as the promotion of health and a healthy lifestyle; work locally and think globally; take into account the problems of 2020; approaches relevant to target groups; trauma informed approaches. Marina Orlova from RPCO “DAPC” (in Syktyvkar -conference hall of the Avalon Hotel on September 11, 2019) and Tatyana Grechanaya from the National Scientific Center for Narcology (Moscow) (in Pskov  - conference hall of the hotel Old Estate Hotel & SPA- on September 16, 2019) held training seminars on the prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome. The seminar-training in Syktyvkar was attended by 51 people - heads and specialists of healthcare, education, social welfare institutions, the Russian Orthodox Church, members of the State Council of the Komi Republic, representatives of NGOs (ROD “Indigenous Women of the Komi Republic”, KROO “Women's Movement of Kokvitskaya Gora” ", Women's movement" Union of Women in the Komi Republic "," Council of Veterans ", Public Council under the State Council of the Republic). The seminar-training in Pskov was attended by 56 people - heads and specialists of healthcare, education, social welfare institutions, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the institute of advanced training for educators, representatives of NGOs (Independent Social Women's Center Public Educational Institution, Ruchey Rehabilitation Center) , Karelian and Novgorod Branch of the Russian Red Cross,, NOO "NAN", "Society of Orthodox Doctors"), including four representatives of Karelia and the Novgorod region.

As part of the training seminars, “Round Tables” were held with the participation of representatives of civil society organizations, ministries of health, education, social protection, educational, medical, leisure institutions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Russian Orthodox Church. The need for a gender-specific approach to increase the effectiveness of preventive measures has been discussed, issues of interagency and intersectoral interaction in the implementation of regional alcohol and drug policies have been considered





The project is funded by the European Union